Everyone is different, so should their experience be of your website.
74% of CMOs agree that content personalization has a high impact on engagement.

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Personalization built for everyone

Springboard is a content personalization platform that just works. No extra software required.

Works with your CMS

Just a snippet of code in your page and you're away. Update the content and personalization rules yourself using our easy to use web based engagement designer. Skip IT, and get your content in fast.


Deliver across all your sites

Create as many personalized content blocks as you like and then through simple routing rules define which pages and sites each personalized content block should be displayed. Managed all from one place.


Start for free, pay when you grow

Our pricing will allow you to get Springboard running on light traffic sites for free, and then you simply pay for the pageviews which have our javascript code on them. On top of that you'll get unlimited content blocks across unlimited websites.

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How it works

User Context + Content Variations = Personalized Content


Just add our tracking code

Drop our JavaScript code into your page, and through that we'll start generating insights into who is accessing your content, their interactions and behaviours, as well as delivering your personalized content directly into your pages.


Profile your audience

Discover who is accessing your content and then create personalization rules to specifically to target those users based on their environment, interests and site behaviours.


Build & deliver personalization

Personalize your campaign pages, call-to-actions, advertising, local content and more by designing personalized content blocks which target users based on their environment, behaviours and interests, in realtime, delivered across all your sites.

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