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Our JavaScript code allows you to understand each user as they interact with your site, their interests and behaviours. We also deliver your personalized content block through the JavaScript code too. It's all you need to get your site up and running with Springboard.

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Understand your audience

Gain insights into the composition of the different people accessing your content. Identify their location, language, visiting history as well as their interests and site behaviours. Use this information to efficiently design your personalized content just for them.

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Create content blocks

Content blocks are pieces of content that can be personalized and delivered to different parts of your page and site (through routing rules). A content block could be a video, call to action panel, suggested content or a form. Define how and where they are to be displayed in your page.

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Design personalized variations

Once you have a content block, build personalized variations on it by on matching a user to its criteria. Reference their interests, site behaviours and environment (such as visit history, location, language, browser and more) to select who each variation should appear to.

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We deliver the right content to the right person

Through the same JavaScript code already on your page we select and deliver the right personalized content block in the right place on your page, to the people across your site. We then track the effectiveness of each personalized content block to provide you with important engagement insights.

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Track and measure impact

Track, measure and report on the effectiveness of each content block and its variations. See how many times each has been delivered, and where it's appeared across your site. Combine this with your sites analytics and goal metrics to measure the impact Springboards content personalization has delivered.

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