Why use content personalization?

Personalizing content for different audiences allows you to engage with people on a more one on one basis, which increases engagement and leads to increase conversions. Personalized content should complement your core message, and encourge engagement. Any type of website can benefit from content personalization, from e-commerce and news sites through to blogs, intranets and member portals.

Where does content personalization work best?

Usually where you are looking for a response to a call-to-action, leading a user through a process, target specific people with a message, or looking to encourage engagement. Examples of this could be - landing pages, campaign clickthrough pages, ad targeting, localised content and messages, where you want to respond to user behaviour, or where you can filter content based on interest.

What are content blocks?

Content blocks can display any type of content, in a specific place on your website. You then define variations of the content to personalize for different people. Example content could be a video, call to action, progressive form, or suggested posts panel which could be displayed within a top bar, popup window, side bar or injected within your content area.

What can I leverage when personalizing content?

We provide three areas of information you can leverage on any user when building up personalization rules. Environment information includes such information like location, langage, where they came from, browsing device and visit history. Interests are tags indicating what topics a specific user has indicated they are interested in, built up as they navigate through your site. Lastly site behaviours lets you drill into how a user interacts with your site and what they have done.

Which content management systems do you support?

Any content management system (CMS) that allows you to drop a piece of JavaScript into your page. We also don't require any other marketing automation or CRM products either.

Can I deliver personalized content to different sites?

Absolutely! As long as you can add our JavaScript code into your page, you can use Sprinboard. You can share any content block across multiple sites, just by building up simple routing rules to tell the content block where to appear within your sites.

I have a high traffic site, can you scale?

We sure can. Our technology is cloud based meaning we can scale to meet any demand, and your content is also geographically distributed (through CDN) so regardless of where around the world your visitors are, they will be served the copy of your content that is closest to them, which brings responsiveness and infinite load.

Does Springboard work with Intranets or member portals?

Yes! Those areas are just as exciting for content personalization as public websites. Users within your Intranet or member portal will be more engaged if you personalize their experience; push important reminders out, gamify aspects of their work, or suggest content they may be looking for.

Is this mobile friendly?

Our web based engagement designer has been built from the ground up to work on mobile and tablet devices, and our default content blocks have also been designed responsively to look great on mobile devices too.

What will your pricing structure look like?

Our pricing will be simple. You will only pay for page views where you have our JavaScript code on your page. You'll get unlimited content blocks, unlimited variations with unlimited personalization rules, across unlimited websites. You will be able to start for free on light traffic sites, and only pay as you scale up.

I'm not technical, is this for me?

Yes, our engagement designer makes building content blocks, variations and personalization rules easy. Reporting is clean and straight to the point. Content personalization should be flexible and dynamic allowing anyone to get in there and make changes to get the post out of your content.

Do you have an API?

Yes we have a REST based API, allowing you to access your personalized content through routing rules and tagged queries within your application. You will also be able to manage your content blocks, variations and personalization rules through it too.

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